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Dog Days of Summer Ice Cream Product List

Red White & Blue Mini Bomb Pop
Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
Chocolate Éclair
Strawberry Shortcake
Old Fashion Chocolate Cover Vanilla Ice Cream
Bubblegum Swirl Bar
Cotton Candy Swirl Bar
Sour Wower Bar
Wacky Watermelon Bar
Assorted 10" Multi Flavored Freeze Pops 
Popsicle (Cherry, Grape and Orange)
Push Up Ice Cream Rocket (Vanilla/Chocolate swirl)
Icee Freeze Push Up (Cherry or Sour Apple or Blue Raspberry)
Cry Baby Extra Sour Cherry Cup
Cherry Screwball (w/gumball)
Blue Raspberry Screwball (w/gumball)
Red White & Blue Large Bomb Pop
Tear Jerker Bomb Pop Large (Sour)
Large Fudge Bomb Pop
Power Puff Girl Face
Sponge Bob Face
Ninja Turtle Face
Bat Man Face
Scooby Doo Face
Madagascar Pengiun Face
(3) Flavor Snow Cone (Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Banana flavors)
Extra Sour Green Apple Snow Cone w/Bubblegum
Candy Center Crunch
Vanilla Chocolate Crunch
Sports Bar
Klondike "The Original"
Premium Cookie N' Cream Big Dipper Ice Cream Cone
Premium Chocolate Big Dipper Ice Cream Cone
Premium Vanilla Big Dipper Ice Cream Cone
Chaco Taco Bar
Chip Burger
Large Cookie N' Cream Cup
Large Lemon Freeze Cup
Large Cherry Freeze Cup
Large Chocolate Malt Cup
Large Cookie Dough Cup
Chocolate Sundae Cup (Vanilla Ice Cream)
Mississippi Mud
Old Fashion Toasted Almond

èNote:  Product list subject to change due to availability.ç

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